Bergang and vicinity


In Neberg there are 2 noble houses:

  • The wealthy Astor family control the merchants guild and all trade in the city. They collect the taxes too.
  • The Gillock family chair the city council and manage the town watch. They also own the large majority of the land around Neberg, upon which around 100 and their families tenant farmers live and work.


In Esberg there are 5 major noble houses, and a dozen smaller families of influence.

  • The Florio family were the largest contributors to the College Of Artifice and value knowledge highly. Rumours say they have many spies. They provided labour for the buildings, and continue to fund many of the activities of the college.
  • The Vanhornes have long held that the Florios deceived their ancestor into attempting to recover an artefact for the college which led to his death. The family has estates in Noberg, Neberg, Esberg, Sleberg, and Stoberg, but for several generations have held less impressive artefacts than the other houses so have lost standing.
  • The Dallwitz family have gained considerable prestige by acquiring some impressive artefacts, despite their small estate. Their donations to the college have made them popular.
  • Family Bonaparte command the closest thing to an army in these times, and were the main force that drove violent gangs from the region in the Years of Chaos, and so helped bring in the new post-change era.
  • Einhornstein is a name commonly heard around the College of Artifice. As the second major contributor to the college, this family provided the land from their estate, and the first professors to retain knowledge of the ancients in all things, not just their technology.

Mochawa tribe

Primarily run by Drew, seconded by Hank.


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