XR-77451 - Residential And Domestic Automated Robot

Points Spent Points Unspent
125 2

Basic stats

12 9 10 9 15 10 10
Lift Speed Move Dodge Dmg h w SM Age
29 4.5 4 7 1d-1/1d+2 6’6" 210 0 200+


Name Dmg Reach Parry ST w Skill
Punch 1d-3 cr C 7 9
Greatsword 1d+5 cut
1d+1 cr
1, 2
8 12 7 10



Location DR ~ Name Locations Weight
Torso 10
Eyes 10
Face 10
Neck 10
Skull 10
Groin 10
Arms 10
Legs 10
Hands 10
Feet 10


Name Level Attr+mod Points Dif
2h Sword 10 DX+1 4 A
Comp Operation 11 IQ+1 2 E
Hidden Lore 10 IQ+0 2 A
Housekeeping 10 IQ+0 1 E


Name Points
Machine 25
>Immunity to Metabolic Hazards (30)
>Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving) (25)
> Unhealing (-30)
Doesn’t eat or drink 10
Telecomms – City Net 10
Absolute Timing 2
Absolute Direction 5
Digital Mind 5
Photographic Memory 10
Parabolic Hearing (1) 4
High Tech Level 30
Damage Reduction (10) 30
> Can’t Wear Armor
Doesn’t Breathe 20
Vacuum Support 5
Unusual Background 0
Allies 24
Payload 12

Disadvantages / Quirks

Selfless -5
Self Defence Only -15
Maintenance / 3-5 people / daily -30
Electrical -20

During AI personality conflict:
Bad Tempered
Disdain for humans

Cultural Familiarity:
Pre-Change society 1pt


Tech lvl 10
Encumberence Weight Move Dodge
None (0) 29 4 7
Light (1) 58 3 6
Medium (2) 87 3 5
Heavy (3) 174 2 4
X-Heavy (4) 290 1 3


Basic Stats
5 5 15 10 6 15 15
Lift Speed Move Dodge Dmg h w SM Age
29 4.5 4 7 1d-1/1d+2 6’6" 210 0 200+
Name Points
Allies 31
Machine 25
>Immunity to Metabolic Hazards (30)
>Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving) (25)
> Unhealing (-30)
Slave Mentality -40
Flying 40
Telecommunication – City Net 10
High Tech Level 30
Doesn’t Breathe 20
Digital Mind 5
Hyperspectral Vision 25
Disadvantages / Quirks
Name Points
Size Modification (5") -7
Automaton -x
Hidebound -5
Incurious -10
Low Empathy -20
No Sense of Humor -10
Electrical -20
Reprogrammable -10
Name Level Attr+mod Points Dif
Mechanic (Robotics) 20 IQ+5 x A
Elect. Repair (Comp) 20 IQ+5 x A

XR-77451 was created by a commercial division of a pioneering robotics corporation before ‘The Change’ happened. This Division was called “Residential And Domestic Automated Robotics” or ‘RADAR’ for short. The ‘RADAR’ division was charged with the particular task of creating sustainable and reliable automated robots for use in residential high-rise apartments and domestic homes across the world.

The XR model was the cream of their engineering prowess and was designed to oversee the day-to-day runnings of each apartment block or domestic home where it was assigned. This included not only intervening when the cleaning, cooking, or other housecare automaton droids malfunctioned or needed specific care, but also interacting with the human residents relating to housecare issues or concerns and essentially acting as a focus point of information for those residents. If they needed something, the XR would get it for them, if they wanted information before their journey out in the morning, the XR would provide it, and so on.

The XR had cutting-edge hardware and software, integrating AI capable of independant thought amd decision making abilities, with a body made of robust materials and including a nuclear fusion power source allowing it to function for many centuries with only a need for basic diagnostics and maintenance shutdown periods daily to ensure the smooth running of its systems. What set the XR apart from all other robots created before it was that it had a distinct personality. It was able to understand and also retort with humour, sattire, sarcasm, etc. and this – along with its purposefully humanoid form – allowed it to soon become commonplace in human society with surprisingly quick acceptance.

This particular XR was happily serving its human masters just before ‘The Change’. Then without warning, the humans living in his residential block were slowly disappearing. He understood through the City Comms. Network that the humans were being called away from the Metropolis but he did not know why, there seemed to be something happening which was unprecidented in the humans history. Once all the humans in his residential block were gone, this XR robot did not have any purpose. He tried to communicate with RADAR for some information updates but was not successful in contacting them, and so he decided to return himself to his shutdown state and enter a self-diagnostics and repair cycle until receiving further commands from HQ.

Then ‘The Change’ happened.

Centuries later he started-up, instantly feeling disconnected and ‘lost’, as much as an AI can. He was unable to contact his HQ or indeed many other systems with which he was familiar and where before he knew security and knowledge, he now knew isolation and freedom. He would likely have stayed there for a long time had it not been for the reason of his awakening – an intrigueing and bizarre individual calling himself " Nikolai ".

This intrepid merchant and scavenger awoke the XR whilst pillaging the residential block for old relics and anything of value, and he was astonished to find this robot in such a good condition enclosed in his shutdown capsule. XR stepped out and introduced himself as he had done to many humans beforehand and the two soon caught up on the events of each others pasts. XR wondered what he was going to do now that he understood his HQ and everything he was designed for was now gone.

XR did the only thing he knew how at that time, he decided to travel with Nikolai as at least this gave him the opportunity to serve a human as he was designed for. But no sooner had he been taken back to the nearest human outpost, XR found out about the hostility of some of this new world’s inhabitants to the technology of the past. He was almost turned into scrap and only managed to survive by calling on his self-defence and self-preservation protocols, picking up the nearest object he could and incapacitating his would-be assailants. Although XR wasn’t proficient or even experienced in using weapons, he now decided to carry the Greatsword he picked up with him at all times – much to the pleasure (but also caution) of Nikolai, who regarded the robot as somewhat of his personal bodyguard.

Word soon spread throughout Yuff of the traveling merchant and his fully-functional robot ‘friend’ and the pair were regarded with mixed emotions wherever they travelled. XR was content with feeling responsible for a human once again but also wanted answers about what happened during ‘The Change’ and about what happened to his creators. His AI was taking on more and more human traits as his disconnection from the HQ and new-found freedom allowed him to experience choices and challenges he had never faced before.


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