A post-technological world. Average TL4, some groups living at TL2, many artefacts at TL10 / TL11 (though most non-functional).

Chapter 2 of the campaign starts in the Berg Eight region.



Yuff was a vibrant, densely populated planet until The Change. No-one alive in the world today knows what happened, or exactly how long ago it was. The current calendar was started a few years after The Change, but by how much no-one knows due to the lack of records from that era.

… with the exception of our heroes thanks to XR-77451’s absolute time perception. The change took place in 2220, the chaos lasted 11 years, so post-change 0 is pre-change 2231, and the current year of 205 is 2436 by pre-change reckoning.


Peace re-established. Lore records an end of a period of great suffering and death, though details are extremely vague. Sparse and damaged records appear to indicate death on an unimaginable scale.
The main source of records about this time come from a scattered few that were living a tribal, hunter/gatherer life, who avoided the remains of the big cities and the fledgeling villages that were established at the edges of the cites.


Stable medieval quality of life established. Some higher in society begin looting remains of great cities from Before as trophies of status and prowess. Security systems and decaying infrastructure make this a dangerous pursuit. Most people are working to establish fertile fields and stocks of cattle and grain.


Forays into the abandoned cities, and study of the trophies of the well-to-do spur a spirit of investigation. Use of some artefacts allows portions of society to have leisure time in which to think, study and tinker. Maths and the sciences begin to be re-established. Centre of learning created in Epiv.
Society splits between those that seek to rediscover the old knowledge, and those that believe technology was the cause of The Change and the suffering that followed. Roughly one third of society joins those living a tribal lifestyle.


Some relics repaired. Jubilation in mainstream society, deep concern in the tribal lands.


Start of chapter 2. What will happen to this healing world?


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