This city measures 30miles across by current best estimates.
It is one of the largest cities in Berg Eight. As such, it is a prized source of ancient relics and other trophies. A town has been founded at the meeting of each of the radial roads and the outer ring. These towns are 11.8 miles apart.

In its prime it must have been a glorious sight. Now, many of the buildings are collapsing, and the vegetation is doing its best to reclaim this sparsely traveled area. Traveling on what remains of the roads through and around the city is almost safe, though wandering gangs searching for relics are often over-zealous in protecting their camp and prospects. Veering off the roads should not be done lightly as many of the pre-Change security systems (built for rugged endurance as they were) are still active and protecting the wellbeing of a people long gone.

From here:

  • North – Noberg
  • Northeast – Neberg, the Mochawa region, then 1000 miles of savannah to another great city, and the new city of Epiv
  • East – Esberg, the Pelwa region, then eventually coast
  • Southeast – Sleberg, then coast in about 200 miles
  • South – Stoberg, then foreign hostile lands
  • Southwest – Screwberg, then foreign hostile lands
  • West – Wayberg, then 1000 miles of hills to another great city
  • Northwest – Newberg, then 1000 miles of savannah and lakes to another great city


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