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  • ch1-ep1-begin

    Our heroes are in [[The Three Cups]] tavern in [[Lifi]] An Orc comes in and smashes up the place The characters defeat him and meet each other [[:pc-grimface | Grimface Stonepecs]] and Uriel (sp?) take night watch duty and see some [[purple lightning]] …

  • Lifi

    A little village east of [[Fisser]]. Holds [[The Three Cups]] tavern, and not much else. Has guard posts on the road in and out of the village.

  • The Three Cups

    Run by [[:arl-tony | Tony]], this typical medieval tavern is the biggest vuilding in [[Lifi]] has a bar, a modest area of tables and an alcove. Upstairs there are several rooms, though the walls aren't thick enough to block the sound of a copulating elf …

  • Fisser

    A mining town in the shadow of the mountains on the north-west border of the Marl Lands. [[Tonmarl]] is the main trading town for the goods produced here, and has grown prosperous from the trade that flows though it and down the river [[Marl]]. From …

  • Marl Lands

    A fantasy realm featuring the cities of [[Fisser]] to the west and [[Tonmarl]] to the east. Between these cities lie several small villages which serve as agriculture centers serving the cities. Notable villages include * [[Lifi]], which holds [[The …

  • Arl

    A small farming village on a crossroad. Before being destroyed by the [[portal stones]], this was the home of [[:arl-trevor | Trevor]]. Now all that remains is a circle of scorched earth. From here: * North - [[Deanswater]] * East - [[Tonmarl]] * …

  • Ley

    A small village of farmers which was about to be removed by the [[portal stones]] when our heroes turned up and saved the day. From here: * North - [[Arl]] * Northeast - [[Tonmarl]] * South - [[Barley down]]

  • Trevor

    Was very sad about losing his family and village Was on his way to work for his uncle ([[:arl-tony | Tony]]) when he met the heroes on their way from [[Lifi]] to [[Arl]] Felonius gave him a good pep talk that turned him from snivelling wreck to vengence …

  • Tony

    A world-weary tavern owner with a sister, brother-in-law, and nephew([[:arl-trevor | Trevor]]) in [[Arl]]. He's seen much and is happy to settle towards retirement with his wife running the tavern

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