Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.1 Lightning and arrivals
Strange lightning heralds curious travellers

On his way from Neberg (where his sick mother lives, and with whom he has left his worldly wealth), Nikolai and his companion XR-77451 are on their way to the Mochawa region. It’s a 3 day walk, so they are camped on the side of the road on the first night. That night, they see what appears to be a falling star, close by to the North.

The following morning they investigate to see if they can find where the meteor landed. After a little while they find a small crater with an advanced life-pod in it. As Nikolai sends XR in to have a closer look, the pod opens and inside they find a very groggy and disoriented First Officer Jax Vikerns.

Jax appears harmless, and like he may have valuable assets, so Nikolai approaches and after a distrustful start, begins to befriend Jax. While Nikolai and Jax are discussing the value of his blaster and any other technology in his escape pod, a bizarre ape-like creature emerges from the nearby bushes and attempts to sneak up on the group to steal XR’s leg! He is spotted, and an explanation is demanded at blaster-point.

The strange orangutan-esque individual introduces himself as Udan: an alcohol dependant member of a technologically advanced race, who crashed on Yuff around 5 years ago in a drunken stupor. His ship was stripped for tech-salvage while he was passed out from the booze and the crash. Now he’s scouring the world for technology to allow him to rebuild his ship and get home.

After a tense and distrusting round of introductions, this rag-tag group decide to stick together. The new arrivals recognising that Nikolai is a useful guide, and Nikolai with an eye on how valuable these people could be in identifying ancient tech artifacts. They conceal Jax’s pod, and continue towards the {{Mochawa region]]. That night, Jax notices a brief and disturbing lightning storm over where they expect the nomadic Mochawa village to be.

When the party reach the Mochawa village the next afternoon, XR and Udan stay out of the village as they dislike technology and would not take well to a space ape (who would? -ed). While Nikolai is negotiating with Hank (a village elder), it transpires that the lightning the night before was around one of their holy relics (a round stone table with strange runes on it). From the lightning and chaos, 2 strange creatures have appeared; a tall one and a short one. They were subdued and held captive. Later that morning, before the party arrived, news reached the camp that one of the scouts sent to check on the planned next settling area noticed a bunch of animals getting spooked, went to investigate what might have scared them, and didn’t return. Filled with concern, Hank offers Nikolai a bargain on some intricate pieces in exchange for help figuring out what’s going on.

Nikolai and Jax interview Uther and Grimface. Their story about fighting goblins, and a land of magic leads Nikolai and Jax to the belief that they are probably mad, but not dangerous as such. Hank introduces Zachary (a young tribesman with some magic ability to shape the ground), who confirms Uther is magically active by acting as a conduit for a difficult and low-effect buff from him. This upgrades Uther and Grimface from “probably heading for execution” to “prisoners”.

Upset that the prisoners weren’t able to explain the strange goings-on to the east, Hank urges Nikolai to take his party and investigate, with Jonas (the scout who brought the bad news) as a guide to where the trouble seems to be.

… what will they find?

1.3 Archways and a shamen
Boggo must die

The heroes tip the stone on top of the first group of greenskins
The lead stone and the power stones start sparking upwards
Our team meet a small group from the village
The whole gang go through one of the power stones to confront the source of the lightning
Boggo is stood on the control stone surrounded by a lightning shield being generated by the portal arches
Gofhi and the others smash down the archways, reducing the shield enough for Felonius to incinerate Boggo
The uncontrolled powers cause the last archway to explode with most folks on the Marl Lands side, but Grimface Stonepecs and Uther with the control stone along with the dying villager captain
He reads enough of the added goblinese inscription on the control stone to determine that the stones were being used to swap areas of goblin territory with human territory in an attempt to rebuild their lands
The control stone explodes, sending Grimface and Uther into a dimensional warp.

1.2 A traveller and the stones
What dark magic is this?

The heroes meet Trevor on the road to Arl
He guides them to the place where a mystic stone was set up by some goblins
From there they track to Ley where more stones appear to be fading into existence
Having killed off the goblins by the lead stone Uriel looks through the portal that this stone becomes when close to an amulet, and sees a force of greenskins about to come through.
Grimface Stonepecs swiftly digs a trench to aid in tipping the stone to prevent the greenies coming through.

1.1 Rumours and lighning
The story begins

Our heroes are in The Three Cups tavern in Lifi
An Orc comes in and smashes up the place
The characters defeat him and meet each other
Grimface Stonepecs and Uriel (sp?) take night watch duty and see some purple lightning to the east near Arl
Gretchen seduces Felonius

In the morning, the bartender convinces them to go to Arl and see if his family are alive and ok.


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