Basic stats

12 {0} 10 {0} 12 {0} 10 {0} 10 {0} 12 {0} 8 {0} 10 {0}
Lift Speed Move Dodge Dmg h w SM Age
28 5.5 5 8 1d-1 / 1d+3 4’0" 140 0 {0} 16


Name Dmg Reach Parry ST w Skill
Punch 1d-1 cr C 10 15
Sharp teeth 1d+2 cut C 15



Location DR ~ Name Locations Weight
Torso 1
Eyes 1
Face 1
Neck 1
Skull 1
Groin 1
Arms 1
Legs 1
Hands 1
Feet 1


Name Level Attr+mod Points Dif
lang (Jokero)
lang (English)
brawling 15 DX+5 {4} E
Electronics repair
17 IQ+5 {8} A
Physics 17 IQ+5
Weird science 17 IQ+5


Name Level Points Summary
Damage resistance 1 5
gadgeteer 25
Sharp teeth
warp 80% unreliable
long arms

Disadvantages / Quirks

Name Level Points Summary
bad smell -3 reaction
small size
alcohol intollerance
alcoholism will = 3 in presence of alcohol
weed (“peace”) intollerance


Encumberence Weight Move Dodge
None (0) 20 5 8
Light (1) 40 4 7
Medium (2) 60 3 6
Heavy (3) 120 2 5
X-Heavy (4) 200 1 4
Tech lvl Points total Unspent Char Points
10 12

Cultural familiarity : Space travel
Cultural familiarity : Alien
Appearance : monster (-3 to reaction)


Udan is from an intelligent but unhygenic race of space ape, the Jokaero. They resemble a Orang-utang. The Jokaero are a fascinating race. For one thing no outsider has ever decided if they are actually intelligent; if this is due to the juxtaposition of primitave apperance and hi-tech equipment or just the fact that no outsider has tollerated their henious odour to spend a long enough with them is unclear. They are certainly capable of tremedous feats of engineering, they seem to have an inate, genetically structured understanding of technology. Given sufficent peices of battered machinary, a Jokaero can make almost anything from weapons to fully fledged spaceships. Their comprehension of astral pyhysics is baffeling they seem to tap power currents that flow imperceptibly through the galaxy and have thus made equipment that can cause them to jump through the space time continum. These devices or warp drives are normally wired into the apes body.

Being of monkey-esque orgin (apart from dreadful smell) the Jokaero have a masive flaw, the fermenting process of alcohol sends them into a fit of uncontrollable gluttony. As one can imagine in bars and Spaceports this can cause massive problems for all involved. This uncontrollable urge to intoxicate itself will normally mean the ape will poision itself via ungodly amounts of alcohol and than do something rather reckless. In reguards to Udan, this meant crashing into Yuff. The spaceship was terribly damaged and while, Udan was nursing a rather unpleasant hangover, scavengers of Yuff stripped the ship down to nothing. All that remains of Udan’s equipment, is his built in warp drive (wired from wrist to skull) and a laser pistol. The warp drive is now unreliable and without sufficent machinary to be scavenged for repairs has become unpredicable and dangerous. A warp jump may cause more issues than intended, this may mean teleporting the wrong person/item or something much worse like a genetic molecular rearanging, even the possibilitiy of opening a portal to less friendly inter dimensional beings is a danger. In the hands of a drunken space monkey, one whose physical and mental faculties are impaired this can cause utter chaos!

Being of an xeno origin many inhabitants of Yuff reguard Udan as a threat. Many societies will shun a Jokaero and maybe even hunt it for big game! Those that have withstood Udan’s awful smell, not been atomised or mutated by failed warp jumps or killed in a bar brawl; have utilised his techical abilities to make scrap and technological artifacts into working equipment. Udan is happy to offer his services to all races and societies as long as they have drink and cash. Udan’s main goal is to find a stash of tech and build a ship to esacape Yuff.