First Officer Jax Vikerns

First Officer of Interstellar Cruiser 'UGFY Diaspora'

Points Spent Points Unspent
128 10

Basic stats

8 8 12 10 10 14 14 10
Lift Speed Move Dodge Dmg h w SM Age
13 4.5 4 7 1d-3/1d-2 6’0" 130 0 28 (428)


Name Dmg Reach Parry ST w Skill
Punch 1d-4 C -
Rapier 1d-2 cut

1, 2
0F ? 2.75 10
Name Dmg Accuracy Range RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl LC
Laser Pistol – “Lilith” 3d(2)Burn

6 250/750 10 400 6 -2 1 3



Location DR ~ Name Locations Weight
Head 1 Leather Cap Head -
Torso 2 Leather Armour Torso, Groin 6
Groin 2 Leather Armour Torso, Groin 6
Arms 2 Leather Armour Torso, Groin 6
Legs 2 Leather Armour Torso, Groin 6
Hands 1 Leather Gloves Hands -
Feet 1 Boots Feet 3


Name Level Attr+mod Points Dif
Melee Weapon (Rapier) 13 DX 8 E
Guns (Pistol) 10 DX 4 E
Fast Draw (Pistol) 10 (11 – Combat Reflexes DX 4 E
Hidden Lore – Pre-change Society 13 IQ 2 A


Name Points
Signature Gear 45
Charisma 10
Higher Purpose (Player Secret) 5
Combat Reflexes 15
High Tech Level (10) 30

Disadvantages / Quirks

Guilt Complex -5
Soldier Code of Honour -10

Cultural Familiarity:
Pre-Change society 1pt


Tech lvl 10
Encumberence Weight Move Dodge
None (0) 13 4 7
Light (1) 26 3 6
Medium (2) 39 3 5
Heavy (3) 78 2 4
X-Heavy (4) 130 1 3

Given a golden ticket (or a death sentence depending on your point of view) on the first colony ship to leave Yuff for other star systems, Jax has been, at the time of campaign start, away from his home planet for around 400 years, and is utterly ignorant of any events to occur since leaving.

As the cruiser he was being transported in (The UGFY Diaspora) re-entered the home system, the ship AI began long range scans, attempting to locate homing beacons to lock on to for urgent repairs. Having no return signals of any sort, it reverted to its emergency protools. After checking the planet for life forms and human habitability signatures, it followed protocol in ejecting the highest ranking carried individual onto the planet surface to ascertain what the local situation was, and what further actions should be taken, especially regarding its valuable cargo…

Jax is the only commissioned officer left on the Diaspora. He awakens from his 400 year hypersleep, in his escape pod, on a planet he does not recognise, with the recorded ship AI’s insistent orders ringing in his ears. “…COMPROMISED. EMERGENCY PROTOCOL /XX001 ENACTED. CURRENT OCCUPANT SUITABILITY FOR TASKMINIMAL. OPTIONS LIMITED. PRIORITY MISSION: ASSESS AND REPORT SURFACE SITUATION. EMERGENCY PROTOCOL /XX001 ENABLES AVAILABILITY OF MISSION SPECIFIC TOOLS. EMERGENCY RE-ENTRY VEHICLE POWER SUPPLY AT 40%. CRITICAL REPAIRS NECES…”

First Officer Jax Vikerns

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