Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.6 Peace of Neberg festival

How to discredit a puritan?

Having been contacted by Gryth Astor to discredit his house’s rivals by intoxicating Varn Gillock at the town fair, Nik also acquired some more “Peace” to use to pacify the highly dangerous Malory.

Malory appeared at the arranged time and hovered in the cloud of peace smoke produced by the fire. Thus-calmed, she answered the adventurers’ questions and revealed that she is not from this world, but from another layer of the multiverse. Trapped here on a slow-time planet the Peace helps her deal with existence. She is unable to leave due to her travel partner going missing. He was the one that drove the stone and she doesn’t know where he’s gone. XR bravely stuck his head through the portal and verified that it appears safe to travel through and seems to be on Yuff.

The following day Nik and Jax went to the apothecary to get some “Healing Metabolism Boosters” (ancient meds) to help Jax recover. They noticed they were being followed. After getting the meds and Nik getting patched up they tried to approach their tail but lost him in a crowd.
XR spent the day helping the blacksmith that was replacing his sword which Malory melted.

The following day was the day of the 20th annual Neberg fair.
Jax failed at the shooting range. Nik had a crack at it and aced it, winning a teddy which he gave to XR. XR terrified a stall owner from out of town, then tried to dunk senator Arnold by throwing balls at a target.

With the festivites enjoyed, the team set about framing Varn. Nik pulled him away from a bar full of city watchmen that he was berating and convinced him to come to another pub. There he tried with limited success to get Varn to drink so they could then convince him to smoke. He was too aware of his duties though and then almost caught Nik planting a bag of “peace” on him.

As a plan B, Nik went to “The Alley” to find a ne’er-do-well to report a commotion to draw Varn down there. After a confused conversation with one of the ladies of negotionable affection in that street, the message was sent. Unfortunately, Varn brought some men with him, so the opportuntiy to bag and drug jim didn’t arise.

Gryth Astor didn’t seem happy with Nikolat as the Midday archery contest got under way without any sign of an intoxicated Varn.

Brian won the archery contest.



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