Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.6 Neberg

A little R&R? If you're lucky

The adventurers had a good night’s rest in Mrs. A’s “Hole” and felt refreshed in the morning.

They each decided to go their own way about the town and look for services or activities to suit their own needs.

Day 1
Jax went fishing with Udan ‘disguised’ as some sort of exotic pet, and the pair enjoyed a spot of relaxing fishing for a few hours, caught a moderate fish. Udan studied the stone to no avail. Nikolai bought some shuriken, and XR got his sword polished.

Day 2
Udan managed to control the stone a little.
Nikolai convinced Jax to act as his protector.
That night Mallory Al’Turo appeared late that night and floated around demanding some “Peace”. As XR attempted to delay her departure she melted his sword.

Day 3
Gryth Astor contacted Nik to defame his rival Varn Gillock.
Jax went to the local apothecary and got a bit of surgery to help him heal.
Nik went and bought a family pack of “Peace”



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