Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.5 Debrief

XR has a head full of new knowledge

XR-77451 spent several days in the tunnels learning his way around the computer system there and extracting information from it:

  • Last communication from base was in 2222
  • This system has no map of Bergang
  • Central control can be accessed via hatch NE3/4-hatch-003
  • “Agri-2” security clearance required to get into NE3/4 from circle tunnels or hatches
  • Clearance is determined by multipass + PIN
  • First Officer Jax Vikerns is not listed in the Agri staff database
  • No recorded security stations in the AGri-belt
  • There are periodic automated guns in NE1/2 and NE3/4
  • Turned off animal capture
  • Turned off Arable plowing
  • Turned off arable harvest
  • There are only surface access hatches within the city perimiter
  • Opened animal capture tube NE3-521-g
  • Logs show power spike 6.5 days prior to enquiry
  • Video footage shows a control panel exploding in a shower of purple sparks
  • Set internal speakers to “play smooth jazz”. This is now on repeat in the tunnels:

The adventurers then headed back to the village where they relayed the information about having shut down the machinery and sealed the animal capture holes.

The village Chief wanted to be rid of their once-sacred stone after he heard that it could be related to the machinery due to the purple sparks shown on the video footage in the underground tunnels matching that which occurred when the two strangers appeared on the stone.

The adventurers agreed to transport the stone with them using a 4-wheeled cart provided by the Chief which XR obediently pulled along. They headed out towards Jax’s pod in order to recharge his weapon on the way to Nicolai’s Mother’s house in Neeberg.

Along the way, they were ambushed by a gang of three bandits – a big burly man wielding a large sword and two scrawny archers.

After scaring them off with a few well placed shots and slices, they continued to Nicolai’s Mother’s house with stone in tow (planning to either sell it or find someone who might be more interested in its strange properties).

We left our adventurers with promise of a nice cooked meal and a warm bed to recover from the journey and the brawl outside the town.



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