Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.4 Next Steps

Where do we go from here?

The adventurers returned to the Mochawa village, Jonas went to fetch the elders to hear what had gone on, and bring some healers to tend to the injured,

Upon learning that there is ancient technology beneath his feet, Hank is disgusted and wants the tribe to move out to the savannah.

Drew is somewhat more balanced in his views and asks the adventurers to go back and turn off the plow and animal-grab parts of the machine, but leave the fertility drive on.

Roused from his semi-concious state by talk of disabling the machinery, First Officer Jax Vikerns called XR-77451 to one side and revealed to him that he has a strong motive to increase the fertility of the land, not decrease it. They make a deal with Drew that if they do as he asks for this area, Drew and the tribe will help them as much as they can if Jax manages to enable the machinery in the region to the south of the Mochawa lands. Satisfied with this deal, Jax is taken away to be tended to by Joan and Joanne, 2 pretty young healers from the tribe.

Meanwhile, Udan has managed to return to the group. Having a little way away appeared during the deal-making, he stayed hidden until the deal was done. When the group dispersed, XR welcomed him back and learned of all that happened to him while he was away.

The following morning, Jonas, Bartimaeus, XR and Udan trek out to the hole-ridden area. XR spends the days interrogating the computer, while Udan goes scavenging for parts to fix his warp drive. The tribe lads act as guard against a few wild animals, and provide shelter in the wild.



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