Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.3 Restoration

Up from the grave they arise

Udan teleported into the sea near the town of Kuste, where he nearly drowned in the acidic waters. He was rescued by local Wally and taken to a near by bar. Unknown to Udan, Wally intended to display him as an oddity to make money. A bar fight ensued but Udan was captured and now is waiting to be exploited by Wally.

Jax, Nikoli & XR-77451, carried on exploring the tunnels of Mochawa region. Jax being severely injured was carried for much of the journey by XR until they were set upon by a ferocious lion. Jax in his wounded state hurled his gun, in a critical fail at the lion rather than shooting it! Nicoli and XR managed to kill the lion although Nikoli was severely wounded.

After much effort tying ropes the adventurers escaped the hole. Using XR’s absolute direction to locate Bartimaeus, they managed to find him. Unfortunately in the rescue attempt Jonas was dropped this was conveniently blamed on XR. After a struggle with ropes Bartimaeus was rescued and taken back to the tribe.



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