Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.12 Into the city

What lies in wait in the ruins?

With their supplies ready, the team head into the city to seek the agriculture control centre where Jax hopes to re-enable the agricultural belt, and Nikolai hopes to score an enormous haul of ancient tech.

Having set off around 2, the party walked for several hours. During this time Sybil drank one of his canteens which he’d filled with beer, causing him to pass out. About 6 o’clock, they encountered a stranger on the road. Fearing an ambush, Jax jumped over the wall of the elevated roadway to sneak around the side. After a misjudged hop though, he was lucky to stay hanging on to the rails on the side of the road. After regaining his composure he snuck around the side to be ready for a sneak-attack.
The individual revealed themselves to be a D-45 police droid. He was adamant that the travellers return to their home immediately as there is a curfew in effect. Some attempts to deceive / confuse the droid failed, so when XR stated an address near the city center the D-45 unit escorted them to the remains of the identified building. The team convinced it to leave them in the neighbouring building. Here they scrounged around for a while and found an old drinks machine with some “Herr Cola” and “11-up” along with some bottles of mineral water. Nik was injured climbing down a vine from an upper floor. They camped for the night in the lobby.

The following morning, our adventurers set off to go to the heart of the city. It wasn’t long though before they were attacked by bandits. Nik was shot with 2 arrows and badly wounded.



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