Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.11 The aftermath

Was operation monkeymess a success?

Tuesday PM

Nikolai and XR go to pay Nina The Ninja for her night’s work. Just outside the alley, a pickpocket tried to steal Nik’s money, but an enormous mutated stranger (Sybil grabbed him. Following this encounter, Sybil offered his services as a bodyguard for free. When Nik and XR got to see Nina, she revealed that everything had gone mostly to plan, but she’d had to kill a guard who spotted her in the act.

Jax was released from the guardhouse as they suddenly seemed very pre-occupied with what had been reported by a prostitute, and subsequently the evidence found in Varn Gillock’s house.


Nikolai gets the good news from Grith Astor that Varn is totally discreditted, and he expects the purity law proposal to fall flat. Nik is in line to receive improved status and a nicer shop. Grith has arranged for some medical help for Udan.

That night Malory returned and told our party about her need to find her travel partner Quinn Beckett.


With the stone off the cart, the team all gather supplies for their trip into the city.



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