Portentous petraportals - Intro and Series 1 ( Yuff )

2.10 Operation monkeymess

Send in... the monkey


Udan agrees to be chained up in the garden knowing he can free himself later.
The rest of the group go to the pub so they are well visible as not being involved with anything that happens. During the day Nik goes to buy some hats for the guys: a tiny top-hat fascinator for XR, a full top-hat for Jax, and a wide-brimmed hat for himself.

Late in the day, Udan ‘broke free’ and went to the Gillock house to cause a ruckus to distract from Nina’s activities. After breaking into the house’s grounds, he rooted around for a weapon, ended up thwacking a hand-cultivator into the back door. Upon turning around he saw 4 guards, 3 of whom gave chase. He ran, then in a stroke of genius crapped in his hand then slapped the 3 guards “3 Stooges” style. As they lay on the ground vomiting, he ran around the front of the house, hearing shouts from inside.
As he ran across the front garden though, Varn Gillock and his father came out with their guns. A superb shot by the father took Udan down. The unreliable warp device failed to save him, and he collapsed in the grounds.

Meanwhile, Nina went about her task in secret.


The city watch came to arrest Jax as he’d previously declared ownership of Udan. Jax was hung over and pissed off that he was getting heat for the actions of his “pet”. Officer Officer questioned him but was stymied by Jax’s insistence on seeing the town charter to prove it’s his responsibility even though he took reasonable precautions.



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